A Great Discovery

October 17, 2017

    One of my many interests is cooking. Not on the level of becoming a chef, but just being able to cook at home,  the many different foods I love to eat. Over the last few years, I've been able to teach myself how to prepare many different types of meat and vegetables on the grill.

    I'm fascinated with smoking meat with wood and charcoal over an open fire. Recently, I've started to grill more and more vegetables as well. I hated Brussels Sprouts until I grilled them and now they're my favorite vegetable to eat, as long as they're grilled. I've always loved cabbage since I was a very small kid but It was either fried or steamed. 

    A few weeks ago I tried to grill a cabbage for the first time to see how it would taste.  It was delicious! At first I just cut the head of Cabbage in half and put the flat side down on the grill. The taste was awesome the edges of the cabbage were crispy and the inside was steamed and flavored with smoke. After a few more tries, I've discovered the best way to grill it is to shred it. Now grilled cabbage has moved up my list to become my second favorite grilled vegetable. It was definitely a great discovery for this man who cooks.