Reggie "Action" Jackson

Man Who Cooks

April 12, 2017

     When I was a small child I spent my days with my Grandparents while my mother worked. My grandmother would cook dinner daily and I would be by her side. I remember vividly one day while she was cooking and I was standing next to her, I couldn't even see the top of the stove. She looked down at me and said; "When you get grown, you need to learn to cook for yourself." Of course over the years I forgot about that conversation, until one day in 1991 or 92, I found myself separated from my wife and living in my own apartment, cooking from can goods.

    Back in the day, cooking was considered a chore, a necessity that wasn't to be really enjoyed. It was considered a special occasion to go to a restaurant and have a meal. Today, food has become so much a part of our social scene. The kitchen is now the focal point when it comes to entertaining at home. Outdoor kitchens are now much a part of the backyard than ever before. Today we call someone who is into food, a "Foodie" Food has become more of a pleasure than just a necessity. 

    In the mid 90's, I really began to take an interest in learning how to cook certain dishes. Then comes Food Network, the next thing I know, I'm watching cooking shows like, Rachel Ray, Emeril Lagasse, Paula Deen and Bobby Flay. Trying to learn whatever I could that would help me be a better cook in the kitchen.

   I can't afford to eat out much. It's much cheaper to cook at home than eat out. I knew if I was going to cook at home, I needed to enjoy doing it. That was the only way it was going to happen, especially on those days when I wouldn't feel like it. One thing that would help me enjoy cooking was to cook the things I enjoy eating the most, like seafood, steak, barbecue, or soul food. So, I set out to do just that, cook the things that I would eat, if I was to go out. The more I cooked the better I got at it.

    I've come a long way when it comes to cooking. I love to grill and barbecue, smoking meats and fish and seafood. I've learned that you can grill just about anything. I started posting my finished dishes on Facebook and I started getting the most positive feedback. Many of my Facebook friends suggest I open a restaurant because I photos looked so delicious.

    That advice my grandmother gave me those many years ago, proved to be the best advice she ever gave me. I believe every man should learn to cook for himself, rather he's marry or not. Nothing impresses a woman more than a man that knows his way around the kitchen. Take it from a "Man Who Cooks".