Music Manipulation

November 28, 2017

 As I type at this very moment, I have listened to the same song on repeat for four hours and I have no plans of changing it.  One might think I’m crazy for doing such a repetitive act but it is my belief that music can manipulate your mood instantly.  Playing strong right now is Maroon 5’s, “Wait” and it has me in such a chill but confident demeanor, I don’t want to leave these feelings at all.  On the contrary though, I have gotten myself in a little pickle because of a new album I’ve been obsessing over.  For the past two weeks, if you follow me on social media at all, you would have seen me singing and dancing along to the new songs from Reputation. 

     If you don’t know who the artist of Reputation is, for the next year you’re going to hear all about it!  It’s Taylor Swift but as a side note you should know, I wasn’t a “Swiftie” until her last album, 1989.  From working in radio I was exposed to it and the lyrics actually helped me get over an awful breakup.  I sung 1989 every day for months and it really helped.  Three years later, Taylor Swift is back with Reputation and a new fish has popped up in my pond.  Fittingly, Taylor Swift sings mostly about young love in Reputation but not so suitably, it’s made this new flame seem “picture perfect”.

     Here’s where the pickle happened and also, here’s where I just changed from Maroon 5 to Taylor Swift.  Wow, I thought I’d be on that one song the whole blog but thinking about “the fish” made me want to listen to Reputation.  See how powerful music is? Wow!  By the way, I hope you got the reference to the fish being the new boy.  Yeah, you got it!  Anyways, back to the pickle, as a single, 26 year old female with a new tall, dark, and handsome fish in her life, Taylor Swift’s lyrics spoke straight to my heart!  It got so bad one night that I started texting the fish exact lines the moment T Swift was singing them and conveniently, the lyrics were making complete sense to the conversation!  Unfortunately, as a girl who believes everything happens for a reason, I was blinded by the music. 

     The passionate lyrics in Reputation made me want to be as creative and poetic as Taylor much so that I wound up sending the fish a handwritten letter in the mail! That freaked home boy out, whether it be because he’s a millennial who hasn’t received personal mail in years or because he wasn’t feelin’ the same as me; I’ll go with the latter but I'm definitely blaming Reputation! Seriously, it was the lyrics that put me in those infatuated feelings and using her own words I gotta say, Taylor, “Look what you made me do”! Embarrassment is the only way to describe how I felt.       

     Dang that amazing album.  I was able to snap out of the baby heartbreak after listening to motivational speeches which proves my point that music is positively a factor to your mood and feelings.  That’s what this whole blog is about.  Well, that and to vent a little and to shine light on how incredible Reputation is but beware, it could make you do crazy things in the name of “love”!  Give it a listen but mostly, LISTEN to ANYTHING that will affect your mood in an encouraging way.  Life is too short to be down so find your song and keep it on repeat.