In a world full of sheep, be the lone wolf.

August 8, 2017

     I just got back from vacation and I had a lot to reflect on during the nine hour drive home.  Partly, that Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is overrated.  Trust me when I say that because while driving into the park listening to my Disney playlist, I was crying of excitement but when the day was over, I was crying from straight sadness.  There was no magic at all, just a lot of rude foreigners and it baffled me that kindness at the “happiest place on Earth” was non-existent.  My vacation made me believe that more people have a dog-eat-dog mentality but heck by the end of the week, it made me so rude myself that I only left a .03 tip on a $60 Texas Roadhouse dinner.

     Before you get too up in my grill about not tipping, we got the Texas Roadhouse as a takeout order because honestly, my whole family was so fed up with people, we couldn’t stand eating around anyone!  That happened on the last day but the rudeness started the first fifteen minutes in Magic Kingdom  when I took my five year old niece into one of the resort’s bathrooms.  She had a Princess tea party scheduled and my sister made her a beautiful Ariel dress but of course she wasn’t going to wear it around a hot park all day so we were waiting for our turn to change.  There were two women ahead of us in the three stall bathroom.  All of a sudden my baby niece started doing the potty dance and as she was tip toeing and eyeing me nervously, I kept telling her, “hold on baby, don’t potty on yourself”.  Now one would think, if you saw a child struggling to hold in their pee, wouldn’t you let them go ahead of you?

    That didn’t happen.  As a stall opened up, the lady in front went straight in and the one behind her didn’t even acknowledge us either.  I couldn’t believe it.  Even if the two women didn’t understand English very well, they visibly could see the discomfort my niece was in!  With my niece prancing around more, I kneeled down to see no feet in the stalls.  They had been open the whole time and frustration bolted through my body!  By this time, the first rude lady came out and the second went in, still not acknowledging us at all and as I passed her to go to one of the two open stalls, I made sure she heard my unpleasant grunt. 

     It wasn’t just the tourist that upset me but the setup of Magic Kingdom too.  When I was a kid, I remember the characters and Princesses walking around the park to sign and take photos with everyone but now, you have to wait to go in specific rooms to see them.  My Mother, sister, and niece waited almost two hours to see the big cheese and between the three of them, when they actually got to see Mickey, I don’t know who was more over it.  It didn’t help that a Chinese family behind them tried to quicken their wait in line by going in the actual room with my family and that’s after hovering over them the whole two hour wait.  Meanwhile, I was on the other side of the park trying to mark off my Disney to-do list.

     I was told to ride the Mine Train so by myself, I stood in line and tried making small talk but the foreigners did not like my jokes at all!  Let me try one of them on you.  We were standing there in line, around an hour at this time and two women passed us in line.  Let’s assume they’re not entitled rudies and someone ahead was holding their place in line, which still could be considered rude but anyways, I waited two seconds and then followed in right behind them.  As walking past the family who’s been standing in front of me the whole time, I said, “Aunt Judy, Aunt Judy, wait up!" but then I immediately went back behind them.  Funny right?!  The dad of what seemed to be a British family showed he didn’t think so by rolling his eyes and crossing his arms. I didn’t open my mouth the whole rest of the wait and so here comes the crying part.

       After waiting in line for the longest time, the ride was deemed broken.  That’s not why I cried.  See, the park allows you to use three “fast passes” a day and I had allotted mine for my niece to see her attractions but I saved one for Space Mountain, which is another ride I was told I HAD to try. The reservation I had with my fast pass somehow disappeared but that, still is not the reason I cried.  It was when I was walking back from the ride in disappointment, right before the big finale show at the castle, which by the way they don't do the parade anymore.  That's another letdown but I was determined to keep smiling and enjoy the last moments in the park with my family, so I’m walking down the Main Street but no one would budge and let me through.  I understand no one wanted to lose their space for the show or have me walking through their cell phone screen as they were recording but as I was walking towards the exit, one would think they’d realize I was looking for my loved ones.

    This is the point the sad tears started falling.  As famous Disney scenes were being projected on the castle and classic Disney scores were playing in the background, my back was to my childhood. I was walking away from it and I couldn’t help but go to a sad place.  Maybe it was because of the high expectations of the park or little negative things bothering me in my life, Idk but when I finally found my family, I asked them to go back to the condo without me.  Conveniently we took two cars to the park and conveniently, or as I’m gonna say serendipitously, as I was walking alone looking up at the castle, I overheard a girl asking a couple if they wanted her fast passes for Space Mountain.  She said it was for three people to ride and I jumped on the opportunity faster than a person pulling a boiling pot of water off the burner!

    I asked the couple, who I later learned was from Venezuela if I could be their third wheel and reluctantly but surely, they said, “o-k”.  It’s in situations like this that I have proof that everything happens for a reason.  Yes, we have to make decisions in life but we are all wired to feel a certain way on situations which then helps us to make our choices.  I’m not saying my whole day was supposed to be a bit unsatisfactory just so I’d walk alone to then hear an offer to ride the “best roller coaster in the park” with only ten minutes ‘til close…well maybe I am saying that or maybe instead of just the ride, everything happened for the sole reason for me to remember something about myself.

     I left Florida knowing I didn’t want to go back to Magic Kingdom and if there’s ever a line in a bathroom, first thing I’m doin’ is looking for feet!  I was reminded though, through this circumstantial day, that I am highly capable of functioning as a loner and you should know too, it’s okay to be by yourself.  If you’re physically alone or emotionally, always remember to BE YOURSELF. I wound up enjoying my time alone and metaphorically, even factually, I made better opportunities for myself as a solo rider!  The Brits might have not laughed at my jokes but I overheard that girl about Space Mountain and the next day at Animal Kingdom (which is far better than Magic Kingdom) I met a girl that gave me a fast pass for the new Avatar ride!  Think of it as the wolf expression where everyone just goes through the motions as sheep but then there’s those who step out as fearless wolves. Those people take initiative and wind up being rewarded. Bad days are going to happen and you’ll cry it out but be authentic to who you are and be that bold wolf…because really, who wants to be just another sheep in a line?  Not me and Walt Disney said it himself, “All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.