You! You Gotta Have Faith

November 8, 2017

     For one whole week I unplugged myself from social media and the moment I signed back into my accounts, my life became busier than ever!  It was almost as if the world gave me that one week to mentally prepare for what I was about to go through.  I needed the break for sure because honestly, my brain was a wreck.  I was having a hard time putting out “creative content” and balancing my life the way I wanted to live it.  What I discovered through the unplugged process was that I don’t need to care so much about what I’m putting out to people but to put my authentic self out there and the right people will come.

     As far as my schedule all of a sudden booking up, it’s been a mix of career opportunities and personal commitments.  For example, I was going from a long day at work to TriFit Barbell in Mauldin (where I work out) and then rushing from there to get ready to mingle in downtown Greenville with people that could have a hand in advancing my profession.  On top of it all, I’ve been getting asked out by very eligible bachelors and what girl is going to turn down a nice dinner with possible Mr. Right!?  It wasn’t until one of my friends said to me, “when it rains, it pours” and I then realized that I was complaining about  great things happening to me.  The problem in fact, wasn’t the busyness itself but I was questioning if what I was so busy doing was the right way for me to spend my time.

     John Maxwell taught me in his latest book, No Limits that how you use your energy is very important to your success.  That thought and what my friend said to me is what brought me slightly down my ladder into thinking negatively.  I started looking back at my calendar and going through each detail wondering if it was a positive choice or not.  That itself was a time waster because in those several minutes I spent worrying about the past, I could have been doing anything to help my future.  Shoot, even doing crunches instead would have been a better benefit!  Nonetheless, there I was sitting on my bedroom floor with papers, business cards, and the full month of October spread out giving me a troubled brain. 

     As a Christ following woman, it's sad to say that it wasn’t until I was physically on the ground that I turned to God for help.  Shame on me but here’s the best part, He was there.  I grabbed my bible and just asked God to show me what I needed to hear.  I opened to Proverbs 16 and I just started crying because from every word, I could feel God speaking and silencing all my doubts.  One line, 16:9 read, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps”.  Even if you’re not committed to God, you've gotta agree that me flipping to that exact page and reading that exact verse is tremendously remarkable!

     Trust me, this blog isn’t to shove my beliefs down your throat but to encourage you to Never Give Up.  You can believe in God or just believe in yourself, but whichever you choose, you’ve gotta believe.  Of course, I strongly suggest you accept God’s love so then you can see His powers but even that wouldn’t happen unless you have faith.  Faith, by the first definition is to completely trust in someone or something.  Have faith that you have a purpose and the passion you feel for anything is there for a reason.  I want to be an entertainer with all of my heart and I believe, because of my passion, that that is my purpose. You've gotta find yours! 

     There are bad days in life or at least in our brains where we can’t figure out what the heck we’re doing but the best days are going to be the ones that prove you're on the right path!  Find what you’re passionate in, seek your purpose and trust that path!  Believe that you will achieve what you were designed to do because each day, it just takes you doing one thing to propel you to a better future.  Don’t forget that and Never Give Up.