The Age Old Question...

to spend or not spend...

February 12, 2018

@Alyssa Sinicropi


We have all heard the songs Breaking up is Hard To Do... I Will Always Love You... You Make My Dreams Come True... Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow... and my personal Favorite Love is a Battlefield.

©Sherí Taylor

The one that has yet to be written is Love Doesn't Come Free, It's Actually $34... maybe, baby... baby... oh no... 

According to a recent survey, most American's plan to spend around $34 on Valentine's Day. Most men weighed in saying they plan to spend around $41 and women offering to spend around $26. The wild card in all of this is the 44% who say they have plans and they include spending nothing. 

There are three states where the citizens say they plan to spend less that $10, they are Alaska, North Dakota and Maine. I will say that is good to know before you try your hand at online dating in those states. Perhaps, they are choosing to spend more on a date on a date that isn't one that forces you to spend? Or maybe that is how they roll from The Pine Tree State across the country through The Peace Garden State and on to The Last Frontier

As for our state? South Carolinians say that they plan to spend $1.15 above the national average. One dollar and fifteen cents above the average is still above the average. #winning. Wait.. maybe that should be our new state song? Can we get Peabo Bryson to record it? Anything that man sings will have them swooning in the aisles. 


You can check out the full story on OppLoans Website.