Can Money Make you Happy?

.... let's give it a shot!

February 15, 2018

©Sherí Taylor

We have all heard the old saying and song Money Can't Buy me Love... well how about happiness? A new report from Money Magazine says that making between $60,000-$75,000 per year will bring the average American happiness. That is definitely a good start for most people.

What about if you want to see yourself as a success? That benchmark is set at $95,000, why that number? I am thinking that maybe it is close enough to flirt with a six figure salary, yet you aren't quite there and it is something to strive for. The study even went on to say that people making over $200,000 are not any happpier than their $95,000 counterparts. 

I would like to volunteer for that subgroup, you know try out making both amounts and see which one brings me more joy. Any takers on that plan? Anyone... Anyone... Bueller... Bueller? 

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