Santa Comes to Magic Town

Christmas Music is here

November 9, 2017

For quite some time everyone has been asking when we will be flipping our local programming to one that is ummm... shall we say ... "straight from the North Pole"?  I've been hearing this question every year as soon as the first leaf starts to fall, sometimes sooner. Our Magic on air staff, sales, promotions and digital did a bang up job getting ready to throw the switch.

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We've managed to keep this year's launch under wraps... I had a Christmas Music expert in the studio to help us make the list and check it twice. We pride ourselves on being The Christmas Station. To prove it, we started our Christma sMusic with a countdown of the top 100 Christmas Songs of all time. Spoiler Alert.... #1... Holly Jolly Christmas.. by Burl Ives.

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