Google Is Getting Your Kiddos Ready for Summer

Top Google Games For Summer

May 22, 2019

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting hotter, and kids are out of school. Summer is here.


Trying to keep everyone entertained during the long summer days can be challenging for many parents. Once school is out and in between summer camps, sports camps, and beach vacations it can be tough to be sure your kids are engaging in high-quality and educational digital content.


With resources like Google’s coding lessons, online geography lessons, virtual reality exploration, and interactive games with practical applications, it is easy to make the best of any unexpected free time. And parents can be assured that their kids are receiving entertaining, educational, and child-appropriate content.


This summer season, Google can help kids…


·    Learn How to Code: With Google’s CS First Online Lessons. 

·    Understand Internet Safety: Learn the basics of Online Safety and Be Internet Awesome. 

·    Explore: Learn more about famous places and landmarks with Google Earth Voyager. 

·    Spark Imagination: View the world Google Cardboard / VR Experiences 

·    Be a Super Sleuth: Find Carmen San Diego and learn along the way!