A Look at A Star is Born

Why you must see this movie

October 15, 2018

©Sherí Taylor

If you are looking for a good old fashion love story, an honest to goodness ugly cry or some great cinema and a beautiful soundtrack, you must see A Star is Born.

Bradley Cooper's directorial debut is beautifully shot and told with a slight documentary feel to it. Lada Gaga is breathtaking as Ally, who we get to see come into her own through the film and blossom through this sweet but sad tale. Ally an aspiring singer/songwriter who falls for Jackson (Cooper) who has demons he's trying to battle and a giant hole he's trying to fill. Check out the trailer...

Although this is the fourth A Star is Born, 1937, 1954, 1976 and now 2018, this retelling is more gritty and real than its predecessors. The characters are flawed and tragic but loveable and human. They meet along the progression of their stardom, Ally's star is rising and Jackson star has begun to tarnish and fade. Their love is one for the ages, you are pulling for them but mental illness and substance abuse are very real parts of their relationship. If you have ever loved anyone deep in the grips of those battles, you know you want to help, but feel helpless and you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

Cooper cast a wonderful ensemble cast, even some cameos from his former Alias castmates. Cooper adds some well needed comedic relief from funny men Dave Chapelle and Andrew Dice Clay, who even have moments of delivering some dramatic lines. That's right... I said  "The Dice Man" has some dramatic chops. 

Opening weekend the film took in over 94 million dollars, the second weekend followed up with 28 million more. In addition to raking in the money at the box office, the soundtrack debuted at #1 on The Billboard Top 200. Check out the love ballad Shallow. I can best describe it as the song that will have you slow dancing in the living room while you get swept away in the moment.


To sum it all up... I smell Oscar all over this film.