Never Take a Diva's Lunch Order

There Will Be a Quiz

February 7, 2020

We have people asking us if we make up some of what you hear on The Divas Dish. The answer is absolutely not! What you see, or maybe I should say, what you hear is what you get. We take all of the "behind the scenes" conversations that you normally would not hear and we turn on a few microphones and decide to record that stuff for prosperity. 

Today we take you through what it is like around the office as we have an impending meeting with our digital sales team. We are sure they will think long and hard before asking us what we want them to order out for us for lunch. 

We need one meal for a pescatarian, one meal for a person with gluten sensitivities, one of us just wants Sesame Chicken and we "forgot" to get the order for our guest diva Ditti! 

That's right! One of our most requested re-schedules is back DIVA DITTI!!!

There will definitely be a quiz on everyone's food order after this episode! On behalf of the cast of characters, we would like to personally apologize to the person taking the order on the other side of the phone at both restaurants. Yes! They had to scratch the order at the first restaurant... due to "pan crusted scallops", yes! we checked that's a thing!