Google This! The EGG, Gillette, Westside Story, Fyre Festival

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January 22, 2019

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Every week we give you the low down on the Top 5 Google Trends and searches. We are here to keep you in the know of all that is going on in popular culture and entertainment. 

This week Simon Rogers joins me and clues us in on The Fyre Festival Documentaries, The EGG (yes! that one), West Side Story, Carol Channing, and the Gillette Commerical heard 'round the world. 

We also get a heads up on the Official Spiderman: Far From Home Trailer.

Simon has the inside track because he is a Data journalist and editor at Google. He basically has the keys to the kingdom when it comes to the latest Google trends.

For more information on just what makes Simon such a whiz kid when it comes to the latest trends follow him on Twitter @smfrogers.

Not only is his voice charming, this guy knows his stuff, and he is a published author, you can pick up a copy of his book Facts are Sacred on Amazon.