Talk about the Big Apple

How Do You like Them Apples?

August 3, 2018

© Sherí Taylor


I have been a loyal Apple user since my college days at Clemson where I used The Macintosh Classic II and the Color Classic to crank out assignments, class projects, show prep and script notes. It is no surprise to anyone that knows me that I am an Apple loyalist, I have remained brand loyal ever since the first iPhone hit the market. 

I know I am not the only one, but I like to think that my obsession with Apple has helped them reach the Zenith of being the first Trillion dollar company in America. I would tell you how many zeros that is but my ADHD mixed with less than stellar math skills prevent me from sharing that knowledge.

However being part of a Trillion Dollar company is nothing to sneeze at... their stock prices closed yesterday at an all time high of $207.39. So when you are busted at work for falling down the rabbit hole of your smart phone, tell your boss that you are paying homage to the American way. 

What is more American than Apple Pie? The answer can be found in technology, Steve Jobs and those Apps that we cannot live without. Wall Street has estimated the stock price could rise as high as $225-$275 and that could push Apple's worth to $1.3 Trillion.

In other news, it will make you sad to do the break down to find out how much you made today... I can guarantee you will not even come close to that amount of zeros on the back end. 

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