TV Saves Lives and an Epic Mom Fail

Next on the Diva's Dish

April 5, 2018

©Sherí Taylor


Once again proving that life is so much better than fiction... we present the latest episode of The Diva's Dish. We catch up with the gang from Happy Days and discover that Anson Williams is not only a talented actor, director and producer. He is also an inventor of Alert Drops which can help you stay awake while driving. 

Also you too can save a life, if you haven't had time to take a CPR class, just catch an old episode of The Office. A student posted a video of how she saved the life of a squirrel based on what she learned on The Office. 

Last but not least... no matter how frustrated you get with your kids, you can never taser them. Even if you are trying to get them to go to Easter Services with you. 

What would you like to see us cover next on The Diva's Dish? Have a funny story to share? A secret talent? Perhaps you just want to hang out at the studio while we tape... let us hear from you. And of course, as always... share this story with your friends!