Say Goodbye To Those Good Vacation Vibes

June 28, 2018

©Dani Gulledge

It's that time of year... everyone goes on vacaction to recharge. We all do a great job of getting some well deserved R & R however did you know that as soons as we are back from vacation those good vibes decrease rapidly?

According to a recent survey by the American Psychological Association 40% of people lose that vacation feeling within a few days of being back from vacation. A very realistic 24% of people say the feeling not so magically disappears the moment they step back through the doors of their work place. 

As for the also ran and fits a lot of us answer... 19% of the people avoid taking time off to avoid looking like they are not committed to their jobs.

Let's see.. in the picture above, I was by the water in Bonita Springs, Florida. I was on an extended weekend getaway with one of my dearest friends who lives there. It was a girls's weekend, no kids, no significant others. It was one of the best weekends of 2017 and yet.. the following Monday... YEP!!! Reality hit me square between the eyes.

I fall into two categories... which ones do you fall into?

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