Some New Voices on the Way

We are one big happy family at Magic 98.9 but sadly, this past weekend we had a send off for two of our family members. Chris Lee and Jillana have graced our airwaves for four years. Jillana is moving on to pursue her acting career and we look for big things from her. Chris has also been involved...
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Santa Comes to Magic Town

For quite some time everyone has been asking when we will be flipping our local programming to one that is ummm... shall we say ... "straight from the North Pole"? I've been hearing this question every year as soon as the first leaf starts to fall, sometimes sooner. Our Magic on air staff, sales,...
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Get the App!

What's so cool about the new app? It's FREE! You can stream Magic 98.9 in the office, at practice, or while you wait for that better music... there are so many possibilities. Download the app and enjoy Magic from the palm of your hand anywhere in the world! Download the free app...
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