The Water Cooler


Sustainable Clothing Line with Deep Roots

Oak and Acorn 2021 collection.
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Who Needs a Cardboard Cutout...

Sherí Taylor chats with the Harry Connick Jr about his new single Stars Still Shine. They talk essential works, music education, and music as a way to keep us all connected.
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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's Son, Zuma, Has Broken Both His Arms

In the span of just six weeks 11-year-old Zuma, son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale has broken both of his arms. The strong little guy is now on the mend.
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june 19 dd

Diva's Dish | Baby Bumps | Ze Papers | Snacking Six Feet Apart

Keto Ice Cream, Kale Smoothies and two girls who like to gab.
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coach sonia

The Best Advice For Moms

What a great interview with Coach Sonia Zarbatany about taking that next step in life. #CoachSonia is serving up some sage wisdom as our Guest Diva on The Diva's Dish.
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Diva's Dish | Coach Sonia Life Hacks

I had a great time talking about setting goals and intentions with none other than Coach Sonia Zarbatany. She gives us insight on how to make it through the quarantine with setting our own goals and plans in motion as well as taking care of what we need to do for our families and our selves. We...
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AMA with Sheri

Stay Connected by Asking Sheri Taylor Anything

Daily Facebook lives at 11:15 to get an update on the entertainment business and pop culture. Sheri also opens up the floor to questions to Ask Me Anything.
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real yall

Guess Who Had a Birthday?

Week two highlights of social distancing.
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Things have really gotten real y'all.  And now you guys know it is very much so real .. when I say "Y'all"... y'all!

I am sorry for the short introduction, but the podcast will explain it all.

The Divas are settling into a new normal and still wondering why all of the toilet...
social distancing

Keep Your Distance and Meet Me Online

Social media is filling in the gaps during social distancing.
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