The Water Cooler

social distancing

Keep Your Distance and Meet Me Online

Social media is filling in the gaps during social distancing.
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I'm Giving Up Being a Diva for Lent

The Diva's Dish out what we are giving up for Lent. We also share the latest trials and tribulations of being a mom and so fabulous!-- Also known as a good dose of humility will do us all some good!
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It has been extremely busy aroud the studio the last few weeks. We've had one Diva out with an Upper Respiratory infection, one filling in for her and moving at the same time.

Take it from us being a Diva isn't all that it's cracked up to be. We are now in the season of Lent and if you...
Corrie Lee

16 Chances for Making Wishes

Disney's Aladdin on Broadway comes to The Peace Center February 12-23
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We have people asking us if we make up some of what you hear on The Divas Dish. The answer is absolutely not! What you see, or maybe I should say, what you hear is what you get. We take all of the "behind the scenes" conversations that you normally would not hear and we turn on a few microphones...
divas dish feb 06

Never Take a Diva's Lunch Order

The Divas cover everything today from baseball to lunch orders to glass meeting rooms. We even serve up some baklava to everyone except Sheri, who, of course, is allergic!
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divas dish feb4th

We Didn't Choose The Diva Life

The Diva Lifestyle is no joke.
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We didn't choose the Diva Life... the Diva Life chose us! We give you the inside scoop on not only our daily lives at the station, but what happens before, during and after work. 

We are not only Divas.. we are also Moms and we don't have time for any chaos, tom foolery, bad perms or...
divas dish feb03

The Divas Dish the Halftime Show and Alexa

Super Bowl breakdown from Youtube VP, Tara Walpert Levy. We talk commercials, the halftime show, and Alexa.
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cupcakes and coffee

The Diva, Cupcakes, Coffee & Target

What happens when we give Peachesthe day off because after all.. who doesn't like to be off work on their birthday?
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