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Friday, February 3rd

Interview about film partially shot in SC.


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Hey it's your retailer on the podcast from magic 98 point nine. And this is such a beautiful area EC so much of it in film and a cross for me in the studio today is Patrick Durham who is. A producer that grew up the theory is also a director and all around filmmaker how you doing today Patrick Murray doing and you're here to talk about a film you've got coming up to red box right. Absolutely red box Netflix best buy Wal-Mart target unit Amazon Amazon. He certainly the link for items on the and it may get out there to pre ordered you to do here in the movies. Yeah I have to be actually I saw little clip you'll feel a clip of me in the maybe a surprise I didn't end up Omnia and editing room floor so I think for the blue. You made it made it you that thousand dollar check your telling me about an easy. 50000 and radio I'm in the wrong business tell us about the film in and what you can't tell us. Well in thing you know it's called cross horse is a sequel to when you put out in 2002. 21 lead. Ten and believe became so we split reference and when it. Boozer and if stars Brian Austin Green for some eyebrows in green and Michael park them in any Jones. Tom Sizemore. To any trade. Robert Carradine provincial governors he remembered him and laundry list of the others slept that scammer animal you know. And part two had a lot of back in it back for more action. And you know global lot of things have a lot of things and at some good immigration. Raid. We did we did you know explain the profanity is hardly a ticket this super comic it was the story that you Ian in a brief wealth and it's the same as part of one thing Jones is trying to destroy everyone on earth because he's Hearst will forever until the last living soul. So he wants to kill everyone and I mean everyone. And any can die in peace. Let me yes he does it do as he's and it didn't do the first and it was a nice twist. He almost did Hulu is making is Malia and stuff. Or two he might do it he might be successful list. If he is there will be par threes. To wait and they're better be apart theory policy. Two. Like. Machete in spades Crosslin space. Tragically frozen and we. Cries genetically Rosen Carl in no more and more just like to be the person on the trailer goes anywhere. You know that. She be. Mexican and Indian point. Confidence and. You know I need to hire you as my agent. My agents do a great job you even better there might do that. I can see our you can sell so there's a little shoot him up bang bang and is there some plot twist in it. And they can find it on Amazon and they can also find in a red box beginning February 7. Which is no time from now see can even do pre orders and Lanier tells what to think that is cool. Easy shot a lot of LA but there's also a little secret thing that you did something occur. That's some here we shot summit Adams junk yard in shots some right there and tell you can't put extra Lawrence rode. It's always fun Richards comics. At root Richards a nice guy great guy every time I go in there and my kid is like remember you look like. You can't take their era store went and which has technical. In the movie opens there. And they'll that we shot you know 99.9 percent in Los Angeles and lots of pretty girls blocks keep guys let's cool guns cool cars. You know it's its own for every incident stuff for everyone. It's not an Oscar films them Oscar nominated film wasn't meant to be wasn't meant to be. Suicide squad or X you know and as much money as this nonfood. Entertainment and is based level you wanna be entertained you want to hear about the characters in you care what happens that is exactly what I think you've got a piece of work here. That you can be proud. It's going to be fun I think people liked it before and my nine year old cannot wait what else are you working on details about. We've got a couple of thrillers were working and wonder. Couple horror films. And into the to keep a few in this in the pipeline. That's good and oh that's good that's good and if they want to find out more about unit in future I need a different view that you don't like. And they can stop you or I mean you're. Do. Illegally and that has your whole body work and you're busy man I appreciate you coming in here and talking about cross source they can find it February 7. On Amazon red dots are you have my mom's older sister. And we can get that someone read that I'm gonna watch my drink it is all CG it's it's pretty harmless and honor to be in the they can check me out on that to me they would see me I'm picking players. I I appreciate it Patrick during dot com you can find it Mary announces fine cross wars on Amazon. As well and red box and they can bite through target Wal-Mart mart. Mean. We can get in the retail stores that's awesome cool. Thank you so much for joining us fuels and utilities.