Going Inside Carlos Mencia's Mind

Thursday, August 23rd

Carlos Mencia is in Greenville this weekend and you can go see his amazingly funny show at The Comedy Zone in downtown Greenville. We spent the morning dishing tacos, cake and Fortnite.... 

I had a blast meeting this comic genius... and yes! all of this came straight from the Mind of Mencia! 

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History to you arm and indeed in studio with me as you may end. Where it resides in California have a lovely chat there has high hopes and see how. Do you. You know what I'm gonna make a badge and guns and god mind for a minute you do it as our bags and now I'm back I'm. Sure how. Try not to do that. Keep an Italian I had at home and asked again it can lead to Amelie I do with anything. Hates. Your brain. You have been doing stand up for quite some time thirty winners thirty years in the early seventeen what did you do. Damn good care of really bad math this would fit. Good how is. It like it at night it's been you know I mean. Its sources and because. I think about Holland and into Wednesday and at any and immediately it feels like it would by mr. blunt when I literally sit down calm myself. And you can think of this Ortiz in one week in the case. Everything. On. And I've been doing this a long. Hours. I remember remember almost. Almost. 50%. It's really any. I'd forgotten. It's wards jokes then most young comedians have Everett. It's been like that that ride but it's it's been it's been. It's on to see the changes. And it is I don't think you personally I've read enough history to see oh. You know things coming go and pendulum swinging in the party let the pendulum swing at the it's gonna go right in the Margaret the Mac. And then some real scenes Smart beautiful human being comes in theory goes. I stop this nonsense. And we really. We re the last time we got. Was probably Reagan. You know so before Reagan. It was asked not what your country can do for you but we couldn't do for your country and its outlook that was John F. Kennedy and and when he said that he changed dynamic in America because everybody go okay. Again. I'm not supposed to receive. So that changed and we toiled in the Vietnam War. And that subversive now like after round. And you know we had. Richard and it puts it. Are there. Well the ice. And we think the peanut farmer from president. That all great like amber. He got voted and everybody was like war and why. It's. Well but it might. But that's my point it's a pendulum swinging because you know a black president. For a lot of people and his country. Was a re usually big swing in one direction. So now you know now with so we picked a black guy and now we picked an orange guy so oranges into. Or in his new black so no I don't like that it. I. Am. Sort of other. Other. Yeah I mean have prayer my opening act here. Here's Obama. Submit your habits and more things or ask him. I thought oh I don't matter he has a disease where you don't see in color. Sale or. Blindness. I had my boyfriend is annually on the line is he can't find any like it in piece of paper and accurate oh really I. Know we are see we we're gonna finding these because when we were kids. Our dads with Telus to go find thing I think you know and I think by this thing so you know it is that. So it's Spanish there's a word called mine but it means what every one to mean note that it's picture it's what you call. So art that would literally be working out coloring all Amy Hoak game you know what to hook it. And you can't. At the right what's called by the way I. Answer yet. Instantly. As it mattered yet girls is right whatever. So he is like I need that right might like Brad is a pop up all laughter. Before they figure in my life. The light or because now in the light right or because. Like I'm putting it into these were when this book home. Advocate but would. Think. Very few governors and like OK when I was younger I'd add perspective but again it now because I'm a bad. Thing. My my head under the hood of the car. Mine and its alternate tool might bet to hold on a specific. Group right it's honest it's a big bolt. And and I'd go your hold any one thing that's something different where like. Argued there's not a lot the point it's just look at the mind is in support of it's. I don't know I don't like it hit the gaggle you know. Exit. It's warm Busey and with the light. Yeah that he he but he and I only guy you know what it. If you're if you're iPad 2% per hour. And this was and now you'll be between me added that it would be right there will be hearings would be. I thought this rocket. But that would you know because it's it's it's yet to today it's like that that that the kids watch I don't know. I mean and I've seen the evolution. At airports some right. People running around looking for an outlet. Find one you know there's a guy and and he's got hooked because he's vacuuming. So they're just waiting for him to get out so that they can block that one not realizing that that's what those huge industrial pre poll one so you can't go there in the running around it. It's like they're crack heads and it's almost like to get on with the retirement earlier present. And now I guess I guess people have gotten hip to it at airports because they have two RG. Everywhere chip it out to be noticed. And you have people like fighting each other for the change is real and that's your angry at that she. Took. Yet that is an that is the that is the new crack for these kids like to get there and they're like on my drug dealers here. The guy. It's easier to electricity. We can do it again you know god forbid I don't believe for a night for two seconds that day. Try to explain it to you mean he's like I immediately report these people because there really. Tag teaming a single player kind of thing in public. I have no idea yet it's not like what I said what are. Is it sounded a Munis union sick she brought it in play ball and fifties into gray. But if you actually knew what it was it's not him it's two guys in separate rooms that are connected by had keys. And then there's one guy left on the other team and the curriculum. That's ahead and yeah. He can worry about yet. Yeah and and you know and and he's probably at the place where he's asking you for ten bucks for the new skins here and there is a hell with Lucas. The eleventh my eleven year old is just like you know get together and sturdy well. Blah you know why. I had an epiphany yesterday with my son. Because he was by himself. In the middle of our living room in fort night and his friends. And you know he's going no you critical. Keys up there again come on. And then you know they they all collectively won this game and one team in action headaches on what he's doing. And now my friends. And I eat it in substantially wanted to say something but I I knew better and went home to them are just moment and I thought you know what. OK this those moments that define me as a human being and as a parent. I'm gonna understand what this kid is coming from or I'm going to be electors can. And I thought you know. I get the churning out. Because you guys are in the world. We're back to him and he's running that when he needs right now in this that you guys are literally. In her acting the way he's in Iraq when my friend when we used to play hide secret keep the scanner or war or cancer flag again it. The only is that you guys aren't look at each other so you don't understand that once you do that dynamic of how you speak to each other changes. So I sit them like I said to myself OK I get it. He really you know this. It it's it's not analog to digital he still has stellar outing with his friends in an analogue. Watch it myself and it's cool to play that it. One of the come over. And hang out with you for couple days or in a couple days and when they do you got complete idiot. That's leaping past you guys to believe that we get together that's where you meet. When you guys come in my house there's no video games you guys actually together. So you guys can actually gold in basketball you can act globally laser tag. Let's put him which are not complete video games one year together here. Because that's that's just. When I come downstairs and I see my son. On the on the television. Hayes. Cousin my nephew played imminent and the switch and by others on the on on the is now autonomy Iowa so it's on iPad. And I'm like we as a worldly together. No you're mad because I didn't look at each other again don't. The old you know and I'll turn off all the unconscious he know what you guys can actually beat again. Why are we hopefully like in the backyard and when my sister and only two girls in the neighborhoods as a Wheatley the bullies things we had to play football we have complete war I climbed three point oh that's all I'll. My kids to write and sometimes guys get out there on a scooter Hogan you know right down the department of what is right is just coming up against the in these games. About. We just have to you know here's the thing. I have a brother who's on scuttled enough and he was accepted to. It's Pacific college but he just didn't wanna use that it's too hard and it's my choice I'd rather go to this college. And now after three years on a college he's married his pants because he's like why did you guys meaning that. Like you he was hit in in the east and am glad it's your fault like you you rate to come out yeah exactly I was eighteen. And you guys let me make a decision you know based on my craziness as opposed to you know I could always take a step countless collagen on this one. But now like ankle looked out and that's. I wish I could've and I said it. Barbara. You know you you breezy your busy too busy being friends with their different. Might it all and sometimes feel like to try to step that gray area a couple of goal all Dwight look pretty. It looked like it when I examined son. Can I don't know if your friends can take away your TV privileges for a month or two or pour or a year I can. By the way so you know do we get this straight. An annual stark and really sensitive and I and lead it who died in it you didn't do that it has that it like during the first ball it's not that big of the. Like that it's not the end of the world map and other extreme exactly exactly it's always dreamed man it's all extremes so for teams in in the targeted and yeah. Except yours. I think that way too many people. Com. That don't have the ability to. To defend themselves in inappropriate manner in an appropriate manner you know I think. Everybody does and an extreme weight today you know and I mean the president weigh your dog off right back yet but there's areas there is away. You know it is to voice your opposing opinions without getting to that kind of lives. And egg it's not done enough. And that's why it's comedy is needed more than anything today because people urges sold on the height I mean. Siskel tout you up shows were people just all night and we look at each other like. It is one of those those Olerud fit like a prod colleges IC adapting in their let me remove it. It's still skull that put the book the way you look afterward. He look not every couple can do this right but. Every show. We'll see one or two couples that. That came and tightly really needed this. And you know you see text in their babysitters at the end of the shelves and look we're gonna stay out of a little longer wearing him out. They've let loose they're like hey let's go get a drink Carlos like didn't have the lead out we got the big sit wherever. These aren't right you're right it's going to be fine and just that released on such a beautiful thing to watch out enough of it too much respect. Tom you know we respect kids today more than they respect and I eat. Just don't get. At all at all on the debt on czar even if I'm wrong I've been here. Under the new and chances are I'm not wrong. There and it. I don't like it but I am a southern mother and we you're racist yes sir yes ma'am it's past its proper etiquette yes my son comes back with a Hong and the 1 I am. I literally I had Spencer and I think he's comes on I am not a not a lot I am and am I am yes mother and you know. He's. I used after my dad yeah ha ha that's the best of correct. My mother's house not be standing here let me just. Jack Hanna from all the missing. From. My dad. What would your it was really like art court like that we're good people as opposed to the house not very watered. We knew we were offered it would. Allow. The kid with. House. Would rule. They offer even speak you made it in the south but as they just constantly offer food even eighties and now they're gonna keep pushing and look. It really does anything but it beats his goal of the moment and there's just you know what it is that's my problem. And then finally it. Nobody wanted. I didn't even have icing on improperly that it was it was the peace where the kid put his fingers through it. I sort of they're they're really good streak going down the leg what is on the last he's not there I thought that yeah. I was just take an LP pig right now Lou it would it would again that I get. Eat it's what I'm seeing people just don't mitigate you know like. We don't think anymore you know before we had to think. So when I read a book I literally had to remember it when I saw a movie and I really liked it I don't remember. You know. Com. My son would just go movie quotes Siri blah blah blah and say it in my. Holes you are not even Jones. I don't think some odd yeah. You're bothered. About me is when people ask Siri and then they give you the answer as if it was someone. Revelation from their brain and it's like. At. I was figuring out US Siri and now you act like you're right we don't even know what I was. Talking about. So. It's it's this it's this weird balance of what's happening self of. Importance. You know linkage of the greatest kids amber I only have one so he's going to be a basketball player. Dwarf. Yeah. Cookies set to he's gonna make. It takes is. I love it if they've been awesome cookies what are your pocketbook. You actually working on news special for 2018 yet out. Well here's what it is we're two wing two different two different special so one of elements every week I record. This shows that rats oh if you don't wanna be on camera now or with the person that you bring him. Don't be bring in that person to myself. Breaks but. I forgot the right person might show its wrong present it in exactly and and it will be evidence though. It's and then we're gonna pieced together. About. Four months were the show us and me one special out of called those pieces. And then at the end of it I'm actually also gonna do. A special. Dad is it's in in and of its own so we're working on two at the same time but today today that and also. Go to my YouTube channel to subscribe to it and go check out taco loves. But on FaceBook. On go to FaceBook dot com ports has cost us yet. And answer the poll question which is where's the best place get a top going Greenville, South Carolina. And I do a show called taco love where I ago. To the top two or three places. Hop I know we're gonna find out leg which ones that would towards your number one ice doctors don't. Fantastic. As that is that is one that's on the list. I I don't know what I am and then. I've ever bit different. This year could I would hear we got here at night. Which add up and we had to leave right after the social. All I know is that countdown was nice I really enjoyed the crowd the people were great. I really wanted to come back for a week and so I made it happen but I don't know. Bug. It is as those who loved back on locking on and yes it if it's neat neat little. So we still soft and sure. It okay that's awesome. It's not an greatly it's what. It's like it's tough and it is also agreeing as to which is big bear down and elegant. And passenger and what's this and have a great weekend them to be eaten talking during the game performing that night what what what are better I can anybody at. I have a life. Like seventeen year old has been doing comedy for thirty or he would go and and here's the thing guys. If you guys know where to get delicious cake now panicky you like camera. Removed or UK or with the process that I'm just basic. If you don't like it but had good morning okay with a nice promptly. Let's give you some background. Cisco grove jehovah's witness so they couldn't celebrate. Any anything literally anything. So when he says K eight simple it's because he's really never had Kate. So he's what we need to do is get him enough regular cake that he actually starts have an appellate for better than normal day. Absolutely wouldn't really do that and but for some reason my favorite game is as. Yeah because you inhabit so my point is we wanted to feed you end up looking like. A lot of frozen cake would do. That is to lose. Do you see. That we meet again and it's almost his arm. Ceased Oscars bakery you there it is strossen. But the half. And brings them brings a mall with an eight. Just restaurants. That you know at perfect it's real cake it's not frozen Pepperidge Farm. Would be my number one yeah yeah but you'd be okay it would. I did it again and again you have to learn how to do it. Go to Carlos and C dot com for tickets in and does go to schedule include commenting yet to pick it. Some some of the some crucial rumbles about so you better your premium if you. And now we are recording so you will be on camera and if you don't want account roll with the person that you win. Bring the right percent. If I. Love to and you with the writers like this but I.