Light Switches, Jumping The Shark, You Should Know This & The Nuclear Option

Thursday, January 9th

The Divas are back and in rare form. Our producer Peaches is back in the studio, her voice is still shot, yet she continues to bark orders at us. Peaches gave us three topics to stick to... no deviation and still make it out of the podcast in under 24 minutes. Goals are merely suggestions to the Divas... as you will soon hear.

This episode takes on the right and wrong way to ask for condiments at a restaurant, things that you should know before you turn 30 and how to always go with your gut instinct.  

As you can imagine, we have so many opinions, we coin some new phrases, and even add a new topic.. that we conveniently hide inside of another topic.

That topic is a NEVER COME FOR THE DIVAS... we will be waiting for you. We stopped short of saying..  "Bless Your Heart" on todays episode. 

Also we are excited to announce that next week we will have two guest Divas in the studio.. Diva Ditty and Diva Diesel. They have both been warned that they need to come up with better Diva names or they will be assigned said names. Guest male Divas are always fun!

So... sit back, buckle up and get ready for a bumpy, sassy ride.