Cross Wars... Coming Soon

Is the end nigh?

In 2010 the film Cross gave us Brian Austin Green as a guy with super powers who took on Vinne Jones... a bad guy cursed to live forever. He was ready to not be the last guy living on Earth... and decided to take matters into his own hands. Which leads us to Cross Wars... more bad guys, more action scenes and a bigger threat to life as we know it. 

I know a little bit about the film, becasue I am in it. Not just a passing glance, mind you. My character is named Kai and I am one of the first people you see in the film. I could tell you what will happen, but it will be more fun to watch it unfold for yourself. I will give you a heads up... if you look close in the comic book store, you can see not only my son Austin, you can also see my former camera man and PA Austin in the film as well. 

The film is released on February 7th and you can pick it up from all major outlets online, in store and through Redbox. You can pick up your own copy, through pre-ordering on Amazon.


To learn more about the director Patrick Durham, you can head to his website and see his impressive body of work. 


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