Mister Academy

Local Filmmakers sit down for a chat...

Have you ever been told that you ought to be in pictures?... In this episode
of the Diva's Dish, I sit down with Dean and SIlas.  The local filmmakers
will begin production on November 1st... Want to be a part of something that
is going to make you laugh... and even see a part of yourself... or your

The "Misters" from Thirdmind Films [1] have a great script.. a great cast..
(the female lead is my son's acting teacher.. so I know she's great) and want
to have the community involved in getting this project through the home

You can go to their Indiegogo Page [2] find out more about the project and
even be part of their dream.. You can start out by making a donation for a
little as $3.00 to make this film a reality.

They are even so great to be donating to the March of Dimes Signature Chef's
Auction [3] coming up on November 2nd at The Embassy Suites. Here is your
chance to help out a great cause and be a part of a film. You can bid on and
become a featured extra in Mister Academy [4] 

Be sure to follow these guys online, help them make their dream a reality...
and be a part of something really cool!


[1] http://www.thirdmindfilms.com/thirdmindfilms
[2] https://igg.me/at/misteracademy/x
[3] https://signaturechefs.marchofdimes.org/Event.aspx?eventId=19179&
[4] https://www.facebook.com/misteracademy
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