Wet Nose Wednesday

Canine Fetch Unit... Helping Kids 4 Paws at a Time.


Each week we highlight one or two animals looking for their fur-ever home... this week we take time to introduce you to Four Fur Babaies who are making the kids of GHS Children's Hospital feel at home and provide emotional support to them during their stays and procedures.

You can donate directly through our website or Text GHS to 51555 and you can even specify your donations to go to The Canine Fetch Unit.

A huge thanks to Miss Bee Haven Honeybones for donating a welcome home basket with each new adoption. 

We are proud to welcome our new sponsor of Wet Nose Wednesday, Dog Culture  opened in May, it will be the coolest doggie day care around. Their team of trained, knowledgeable and loving professionals that strive to provide the very best care to all our four legged friends. We are so excited to have them on board and I know I speak for my Charlotte Belle when I say, she cannot wait to head to doggie day care. She will be soaking up the sun with outside play, taking a dip or two in their doggie pools as well as getting plenty of petting and pampering,

I have so many people asking how they can help these wonderful animals that we feature on WNW. Some want to adopt or foster, some don't have the time but would like to still help. Here is how you can help, animals come into the shelter for so many reasons. A sad fact is that some can't handle the solid dog or cat food. We are collecting cans of the the pate style food for dogs and cats (pictured below) at our Magic 98.9 Studio at 25 Garlington Road. We want to help get these guys happy, healthy and well fed before they head to their "fur-ever" families.

I was able to pick up 3 cans for around $1.00, that is the loose change in the bottom of most of our purses or under the couch cushions. Think about how much that will mean to these guys who have found themselves at the shelter. Please share the love with these guys who only know how to give unconditional love.

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