Murphy, Sam, and Jodi

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Murphy Sam and Jodi has blended role defined arcs with pop culture and listener participation to create an emotional connection with listeners. Jodi is today’s mom juggling kids, family, work, and friends. Murphy is her husband, and Sam is the guy who stirs it up. Every day is an unexpected blend of the day’s pop culture and entertainment, real life and laughter.

Murphy Sam & Jodi

Murphy Sam & Jodi Podcast


I am a busy working redheaded mamma who’s never really grown up at heart!! Doing the show is probably the perfect job for me – since I love to “play” here with the guys every morning. Murphy and I couldn’t stop gazing...

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Murphy is married to Jodi (his favorite redhead) and loves to spoil his two daughters Taylor and Phoebe. He’s known Sam for the better part of two decades, and married Jodi in 1999. Murphy’s been called Mr. Safety, Mr....

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Producer Emilie

Producer Emilie is the youngest of the morning show family (born in ’82). She started with the show in 2004 as an intern and now couldn’t imagine her mornings without Murphy, Sam and Jodi! Emilie loves chatting with Jodi...

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I’m a “y’at”...born and raised in New Orleans. Murphy and I teamed up in 1992 and Jodi joined the fun 1997...the rest is history. My part: I bring the funny, clean humor, sarcasm and a very cynical view of the world. I...

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