Hugh Jackman

Google This! | State of the Union, Emojis, Valentines Day, Masked Singer, Lunar New Year

This week Simon keeps us on point with some real talk about the State of the Union, the new emojis that you never knew you needed... we discuss "Singles Awareness Day" ... uhhh... I mean Valentine's Day, search for Lunar New Year and why on earth we are so obsessed with The Masked Singer. We even...
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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Reignite Feud in Hilarious New Ads

After keeping a Twitter war going, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman finally decided to call a truce. It turns out, only one side of this duo was actually ready to put their claws away.
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Hugh Jackman accepts the Hollywood Actor Award onstage during the 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards

Hugh Jackman Taking 'Greatest Showman' Songs On The Road

Why the actor is so excited about his worldwide arena tour
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