Mothers Day

coach sonia

The Best Advice For Moms

What a great interview with Coach Sonia Zarbatany about taking that next step in life. #CoachSonia is serving up some sage wisdom as our Guest Diva on The Diva's Dish.
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Is It Okay to Visit Mom on Mother's Day? One Doctor Says Yes

Dr. Donald Yealy raised a few virtual eyebrows in a Zoom news conference when he recommended people could safely celebrate Mother’s Day with their mom this weekend.
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Epidemiologist Says You Can Hug For Mothers Day — If You Still Wear A Mask, Wash Hands

Mother’s Day is coming up and a lot of families are wondering: When is it safe to give mom a hug again? Epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon has some advice for families who want to do something more than just wave at a distance on Mother’s Day.
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