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diva diesel

Yes, We Made Diesel a Diva

We are moving right along in the new year and since everything is going great... we wanted to chance our luck by making my office mate Diesel a "DFAD" Diva for a Day. He fully embraced his Diva side by showing up 15 minutes late, wearing sunglasses and holding a Venti Starbucks cup. Be warned he...
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Jan 15

Two "Hangry" Divas

We made it halfway through the week... we are oh so tired, a little punch drunk and very hangry. Find out what happens when you want to microwave your notepad but your pen has gone MIA. What to do when you are feeling judged by your 9-year-old, and we ask the question no one has ever thought of.....
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dd  ditty

The Day Ditti Became a Diva

We all know there is a little ditty about Jack and Diane... but do you know what happens when you add a Ditti to the Diva's Dish Podcast? We talk the Natty, well-meaning text, exhaustion and at what age do you just check out? We also go behind the scenes of Red Sox Baseball camp, we walk you...
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Voice Mail Divas

From Voicemail Faux Pas to Queen Oprah

We live to "Dish another Day" after a very long week and many trips to the Ops Directors office. The Divas have made a semi-peace with producer Peaches. We take a look at something that used to be accepted work and personal protocol, now it is considered rude behavior. We also pay homage to Queen...
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DDJan 9th

Do NOT Come for The for The Divas.

The Divas are back and in rare form. Our producer Peaches is back in the studio, her voice is still shot, yet she continues to bark orders at us. Why??? Just Why? Peaches gave us three topics to stick to... no deviation and still make it out of the podcast in under 24 minutes. Goals are merely...
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divas dish jan06

Back to the Real World for The Divas.

What happens when you take a few weeks off at the holidays? You come back with a lot to say. 2020 is starting off with a bang for The Divas... we take on the Golden Globes, have some real talk about Christmas trees and decorating... we even take a look at what is next for Netflix. We have even...
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three divas

We Three Divas

Tune in and find out who our guest Diva will be... here is a hint... she is 6'7" and "thanks you for being a friend!"
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divas dish dec05

Diva's Dish | Princesses | Radiators | Christmas Presents

What happened to Cinderella at the stroke of midnight? She was missing a slipper, her dress turned back into rags and her carriage turned back into a pumpkin... Well the Princess Divas went to the party at The Castle ... and Princess Sherí's Jeep turned back into a "pumpkin" way before midnight. On...
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divas dish dec04

Diva's Dish | Theft | RoadTrips | Adam Sandler | Dressing Up

Are you part of the "giving crowd" or do you just say you are? How much do you actually give and how much do you actually take. The Diva's delved into what is considered theft and what is a grey area. Also, we discuss future Magic Road Trips... Adama Sandler winning a "serious award" for his...
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divas dish dec03

Diva's Dish | Baby Names | French Fry Shortage | Giving Tuesday

It is "Giving Tuesday" and the Divas are giving it to you straight. Sherí and Elyse are joined by our Diva from our sister station 96.3 The Block. We tackle baby names, bad airline passengers and find out which one of the Divas knows a certain restaurant recipe for Loaded Potato Soup... and...
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